A Great Cup Of Cappuccino

So if you’ve been following along you know I lived in Italy for 3 years which means I’ve tasted some pretty good cappuccino.  Since coming back to the states I’ve become the “tall non-fat latte” girl assuming cappuccinos like I drank in Italy were few and far between.

Well I found a place in San Diego that comes pretty close to what my Italian brethren flawlessly create.  Caffe Calabria (www.caffecalabria.com) in North Park makes high quality, creamy cappuccino.  They even put an artsy twist on it by making designs in the foam.  I mean come on…they have their own roaster on the premises!

I was excited to notice they also have a wood burning pizza oven and large pizza plates much like the ovens and plates used in Naples.  They claim their pizza is the “finest Neapolitan pizza in San Diego”.  That’s just taunting me….gonna have to go back for the pizza.


2 thoughts on “A Great Cup Of Cappuccino”

  1. Charlie – Sorry to hear your espresso/cappuccinos were not so great at Caffe Calabria. Maybe someone else (not as well trained) made your wife’s cappuccino because it sounded opposite from my experience. I went back Saturday night for the pizza and enjoyed it (stay tuned…).

  2. Thanks to your post, went to Caffe Calabria tonight. Atmosphere, food, service, great. Coffee, not so great. My espresso was extremely bitter, and my wife’s cappuccino was more latte like than cappuccino like, i.e. lacking in micro foam. That having been said, we will definitely visit again but may visit Heavenly Deserts on University after dinner. Pizza tasted great (though for my taste I would have kept it in the oven a bit longer to get the center crispier), and salami appetizer was outstanding.

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