I started my blog in 2009 while living in Naples, Italy with my suitcase continuously packed traveling throughout Europe.  I had been a wine enthusiast for many years and progressed to connoisseur by the time I left bella Italia.  With a desire to have professional knowledge, I became a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW).  I have been steadily learning and expanding my wine knowledge ever since.  My goal is to inspire you to treat yourself to great wine experiences as often as you possibly can!


Julie Overstreet

Note:  The early days of this blog comes with some not so stellar photos and a wine enthusiast in progress.  :}

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. So glad we became friends. Napa was just the start of our culinary and wine adventures. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken, and it was so nice to be with someone that appreciates food as much as I do.

    Cheers good friend,

  2. Teresa – Small world, huh?! I loved living in Monte di Procida. I don’t recall meeting anyone with that name but it’s quite possible – especially if they had a business there.

  3. I was just googling Monte di Procida and came across your site. How fun to find someone that calls the little tiny town of Monte di Procida as my little town of Monte di Procida. My family is from that town. I am sure you must have bumped into many of my relatives……teresa

  4. Hi Julie!

    Now that you’re back in CONUS, can you break out a video cam and send me a 5 minute clip of you cooking something yummy? Or how about I film something and then you film yourself as my wine expert, making a recommendation of a good wine for what I just cooked? Would love to have you guest on the show.


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