Missing Coronado….

It’s been about 2 months since I moved away from Coronado – just enough time to realize what I really miss about this magical little oasis across the bridge from San Diego.

I’ve always described Coronado as the “Martha’s Vineyard” of Southern California (with the bonus of great weather) and occasionally would refer to it as “Pleasantville.”  Any description you choose there is no denying Coronado is a special place with a dynamic not found anywhere else.

So what is it that lingers in my mind as great memories.  Let me take you down my memory lane:

1.  The obvious…the innocence of Pleasantville with the art and culture of San Diego just a beautiful bridge drive away.

2.  Schools…loved that for the first time I didn’t have to budget for private school.

3.  My parked Car…I only had to fill it with gas maybe once a month.

4.  Town…I could walk to town – in fact, I had two routes to choose depending on which part of town I wanted to end up in.

5.  Errands…I walked or rode my bike to the dentist, doctor, dry cleaner, grocery store, school, beach, etc.

6.  Restaurants…so many new ones!  It is becoming a haven for gourmands.

7.  SEALS!  Let’s be honest, I loved that I could go for a beach run and get swallowed like a swarm of bees by Navy SEALS…..who all quickly passed me by.

8.  Military…while we’re on it, I loved living in a military proud town.  Thank you especially for that!

9.  Entertainment…I loved “Concert in the Park” on warm summer evenings.

10. Hotel Del…I love the beauty and amenities of the world famous Hotel Del at my beck and call (even if it cost $70 for 3 hamburgers and a kids meal at the Sun Deck).

So I’ve decided not to say goodbye but just until we meet again…


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  1. We miss you too! Think of you often as I go by Spreckles Park…. But remember, Hawaii has some hidden jewels too. ( I’m happy to bounce between the two most beautiful, albeit very different, places the Navy can send us!) Hop a Space A and come visit!

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