Secrets to Italian Wine

After living in Italy for 3 years and learning as much as I could about Italian wine I figured out a few keys that may be helpful for people trying to unlock the secrets to Italian wine and find something really good to drink.

It was an arduous task…tasting, traveling and conversing but I was able to work through it and set up a delectable nearly 500 bottle wine collection. So let me fill you in on a few important keys to consider when purchasing Italian wine.

Inexpensive Is Good

Now don’t get me wrong there are hundreds of delicious bottles of Brunello di Montalcinos, Amarones, Barolos and Barbarescos in the Italian wine market but if the recession is catching up with you do not despair – your days of craving complex, bold, beautiful Italian wine will not have to come to an end.  The wonderful thing about Italian wine is there are many that cost sub $20 and are really rather lovely.  For example, if you like the spice of Zinfandel – try a Primitivo from Puglia or if you prefer Sauvignon Blanc – try a Greco di Tufo or Fiano di Avellino from Campania.

Don’t Let Classification Fool You

In the states American wine classification is not as widely prominent as for European wines which deem their classifications quite important.  The whole classification system could take pages to explain so let me just briefly give you the guidelines for the Italian classification system (which is designated on the wine bottle).

The system has a 4 tier structure which labels the lowest level as basic table wine (VdT or vino da tavola), the next higher level as wine having a specific geographic indication (IGT or indicazione geografica tipica), the third highest level being DOC (denominazione di originie controllata) meaning it not only grows vineyards in a specific geographical area but follows several other quality control guidelines and the final and highest level DOCG (denominazione di origine controllata e garantita) means the wine is not only controlled it is also guaranteed.  This designation is usually set for the historical wines of the country.

For you visual folks out there it looks like this:

I’m giving you the wine pyramid basically to tell you to toss it out the window when buying Italian wine.  Why?  Have you ever heard of Super Tuscan wines?  These are highly regarded wines yet they are not DOCG or even DOC wines – they dwell on the second to the lowest level of the wine pyramid as IGT wines.  So don’t be fooled there are many excellent Italian wines with the IGT or even the VdT classification that could blow your socks off.

Plan A Trip

I am sure many of you would kill for a trip to Italy and let me encourage you to try to make that become a reality but not just because of it’s historical claim or the great food.  The real key to finding great Italian wine is in visiting the country.  Not only because there are hundreds of small family run wineries that don’t import any of their fabulous wine but also because if you go over there and drive up to one of these small wineries, you take with you not only some fabulous wine but probably a full belly, a new friend and a memory that can’t be beat!



4 thoughts on “Secrets to Italian Wine”

  1. Charlie – How great to hear you had such a wonderful trip to Italy! I’m glad you got to meet Laura and visit Il Palazzone. Even better – glad you brought home some souvenirs from Il Palazzone and others. I will go check out your wife’s blog now – hopefully will bring back some good memories for me.

  2. I did indeed say hi to Laura, and she says hi back.I ended up bringing back three cases of wine (one from Il Palazzone) and tons of memories and pictures. My wife, Cathy, blogged about the trip at — you may enjoy the pictures. Great time, great food, great wine, great marzipan. It will likely be a couple of years before we head back, but I’m pretty sure that we will more than likely do so. While living in San Diego / Coronado is wonderful, I’m sure that you and your husband miss Italy.

  3. Charlie –
    Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a lovely trip to Italy. I am sure you will have a great time visiting Il Palazzone. If you found out about Il Palazzone from my website, please tell Laura. Here’s to making lifetime memories and finding great wine.

  4. One month to my trip to Italy. It’s been a long countdown. Even have made contact with Laura ( and have made arrangements for a tour. Planning to bring back two to four cases of wine from my travels provided that the rental car has room 😉 Hopefully you will find time to blog a little bit more — been kind of quiet here…

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