The Best Place To Stay In Tuscany!

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve lived in Italy – hard to believe except for my massive withdrawal from mozzarella di bufala, too many delectable wines to count and lasting friendships.  Ah the friendships… meet an Italian once and you’ve gained a friendship that will last a lifetime.  They will never forget you and if you’re lucky, you will never forget them.

My friendship with Stefano & Paola Zocchi, in particular, has led me to write this post.  I met Stefano & Paola when my family and I stayed at their beautiful Relais “La Palazzetta del Vescovo” ( in Umbria.  I’m not sure how I stumbled on “La Palazzetta”  but I was so impressed, I stayed two more times before I left Italy (see march 18,2010 post).  I’ve had the privilege of keeping in contact with the Zocchis who have just opened their second accommodation in Lucca called “Palazzo Orsucci” (

Deep Red Cellar is not a travel website but it is my website which means I get to write what I’d like. 🙂  Besides, it would just be mean to know about “Palazzo Orsucci” and not tell you!

Stefano and Paola opened “Palazzo Orsucci” just a month or two ago after a complete renovation to the 16 century apartment.  Close attention was paid to ensure the integrity and allure of the historical architecture remained and modern conveniences were added.  The Zocchi’s dedication to quality and meticulous eye for decor are evident throughout the apartment as it seems as if you are walking into their own carefully decorated home or perhaps a beautiful 5 star accommodation situated in the historic city center of Lucca.

So if you find yourself planning a trip to Tuscany, I highly recommend a stay at “Palazzo Orsucci.” It’s the perfect romantic get-a-way.

You will find all the pertinent information including contact, reservation and pricing information at  I have every intention of experiencing “Palazzo Orsucci” myself but if you beat me to it, I’d love to hear what you thought!