The Perfect Eggs Benedict

I know a lot of people across our great country have been enduring highly inclement weather this winter.  Being conscientious of those who live anywhere besides Southern California, I won’t mention why I was drawn to ride my bike to my favorite breakfast joint last week (sunny, 75 degrees, crystal clear blue sky).

My “go-to” breakfast place in Coronado is Villa Nueva (956 Orange Avenue). The restaurant has gotten new owners as of the first of the year and improvements are being made almost daily.  Owners and sisters, Yoly and Lily, are there with friendly smiles making sure the customers are happy and the place is looking tidy.  To my pleasure the menu has remained widely the same. That is important since my order is identical every single time….eggs benedict with freshly squeezed orange juice. The juice speaks for itself but I would be remiss if I, having a wine and food blog, didn’t take the opportunity to write about the eggs benedict.

To me, the main attraction of this dish is the eggs.  They are perfectly poached…EVERY SINGLE TIME!  As a person who has attempted poaching eggs I am in awe of this feat.  In addition, I have rarely found any other restaurant that can perfectly poach both eggs on even one order of eggs benedict.  Really that is enough to sell me but not only do they perfectly poach eggs (say that 5 times fast), the english muffin is toasted just enough to give the crust a beautiful golden sun tan and the ham is browned so it has a tasty crunch on it’s exterior. Then there is the homemade hollandaise sauce. The perfect amount of red pepper is used to give the sauce an unexpected and much enjoyed hint of spice within it’s smooth, silky texture.

Besides nailing all of the elements perfectly there is no other secret to this dish but the end product is a beautiful presentation that draws you in the first time you place your fork in the egg.  The yolk starts oozing inviting you, daring you to take a bite. Your first bite is almost a moment of silence as you taste the layering of textures and the perfect marriage each component brings to the dish.

This is a dish you definitely want to put on your “Enjoyable Things To Do” list.  For those of you that don’t live in Southern California…maybe planning a vacation is in order. Well, if you are a foodie with a hankering for the perfect eggs benedict that is.

P.S.  The muffins take second place for my breakfast craving.  They are huge, moist and delicious!