Who Knew…A Shoe!

Now here is an interesting way to open a bottle of wine (complements of YouTube – who else)!

I was just curious enough to try this myself.  After studying the video I gave it a try but my bottle just wouldn’t open.  I thought maybe for some peculiar reason it was because I was trying to open a white wine. So I went back to my wine stash and this time grabbed not only a red, but a French red thinking maybe the French bottle their wine specifically so it can be opened with a shoe.  Maybe they often have reason to use their shoe instead of a simply adequate wine opener.  After this attempt, I was left in the same place I was after attempting to open the white wine…only now I have two bottles of wine who have lost their foil and are waiting to be uncorked.  If you succeed, please tell me your secret.


2 thoughts on “Who Knew…A Shoe!”

  1. I watched the next video too… I’m not planning to try it (I saw the wine splatter all over in the second video), but the elapsed time was almost fine minutes of banging. The video said the trick is to use a shoe with a thick sole and not to hold the bottle too tightly. Let me know if it works! 😉

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